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"Don't sell your dreams for small desires"
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Meu currículoI deal with computers since 1986, year in which I attended my very first course, times when the best computers available were those ugly, moss-green screen TRS-80 without hard disks. In 1990 I started to work as a stand-alone support analyst and computing teacher at private courses and in public and private high schools. In 2001 I graduated in Business Administration, and in 2003 I post-graduated in Information Security and Risk Management.

I currently work at Prodest (ES state government agency where I work as an IT analyst ), where I am responsible to deal with demands related to information security. I eventually still work as a court expert and consultant and project manager in projects mostly related to information security and risk management for companies of all sizes and branches, helping them to preserve or recover the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and legality of their corporate information.

My professional curriculum
My curriculum (PDF)
More detailed information about my professional experience and knowledge can be found in my professional curriculum. In case you wish any further information, please contact me.

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